From nature’s bosom to your plate
SAMKNA products are widely present through all sales channels across the Qatar, including modern trade with fishmonger facilities in-store, wholesale and auction markets, and leading restaurants whom we provide with fresh, high-quality products every day.

Barramundi (Asian Seabass)

They are the most universally enjoyed seafood in the world. Asian Seabass (also known as Barramundi) live and feed near the bottom of seas in inhabiting coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons, and rivers. They have a unique sweet taste and flaky meat, rich in Omega3. There are less bones and no fishy smell hence very useful also for consumers not used to fish.

Available Weights & Packaging

  1. WR Fish Fillets 10 / 16 kg
  2. Fillets Fresh / Frozen 5 kg

Shaam (Yellow Fin Seabream)

Mild flavour, nice texture makes this a very edible fish for a many consumers

Available Weights & Packaging

  1. WR Fish Fillets 10 / 16 kg
  2. Fillets Fresh / Frozen 5 kg

Why these species in particular?

The species farmed by Samkna are particularly suitable fish for local aquaculture. They are naturally suited to cage environments as they generally breed well and tolerate farm handling with breeding efficiencies. These species are adapted to the natural offshore climate, with its amicable temperatures and extensive water body. Our fish feed is fortified with essential minerals that not only strengthens the immune system of the fish, but also provides a more nutritious product for our customers.

At Samkna fish farm, the fish are raised in a comfortable and clean environment with great care resulting in the following advantages of our fish:


If you want to learn more details about the types of fish we breed and how we raise them in a healthy and sustainable way, you can check out our YouTube channel
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