SAMKNA in Qatar

Samkna is one of the pioneers in the fisheries sector. By acknowledging the ever-growing market for sustainable aquaculture produced marine fish, Samkna cultivates high-quality economically priced and healthy fish, using inventive technology, whilst also conserving the environmental system. Our proficient marketing network makes our fish available in every corner of Qatar.

SAMKNA products are widely present through all sales channels across Qatar, including modern trade with fishmonger facilities in-store, wholesale and auction markets, and leading restaurants whom we provide with fresh, high-quality products every day.

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We are always ready to share our vision for aquaculture and our passion for excellence and superior quality with potential distribution partners who enjoy a proven track record in marketing seafood products. If you are interested in adding SAMKNA products to your portfolio, kindly contact our Sales and Marketing Team.

At Samkna fish farm, the fish are raised in a comfortable and clean environment with great care resulting in the following advantages of our fish: