we do not only raise Fish We raise a new standard of fish

Because we are Farming our fish in the pristine waters and make no compromises on fish welfare or environmental responsibility, our fish thrives better, grows better and tastes better.

Samkna is the first ever open water offshore aquaculture project in the state of Qatar
What Makes Samkna Special?

samakna 100% Qatari Fish
100% Qatari

Samkna fish are raised and harvested right here in Qatar.

samakna is using highest standards of biosecurity

Ensure the highest standards of biosecurity whilst perpetuating sustainability.

samakna is working with the world’s leading supplier of Aquaculture technology

we work with the world’s leading supplier of Aquaculture technology

Asian Seabass

Yellowfin seabream

At Samkna fish farm, the fish are raised in a comfortable and clean environment with great care resulting in the following advantages of our fish:

Tastiest fish
Healthiest fish
Freshest fish
Cleanest fish

If you want to learn more details about the types of fish we breed and how we raise them in a healthy and sustainable way, you can check out our YouTube channel
Or contact us directly